Sunday, February 10, 2008

Design Considerations for Silverlight RIA Applications

Rich internet applications (RIA) is a relatively a new direction in web application development. It is a step further beyond AJAX based web applications. RIAs not only provide richer UI but also more options in writing application logic that runs on client side. Before going deep into Silverlight RIA application design , lets define what RIA is and how it is different from traditional web applications.

What is RIA Application?

A tradition web application has three layers Data layer, Business layer and UI layer. UI layer consists of client side web pages that interact with web server using internet protocols. All the application logic runs on the server and result is sent to client side as Http Response. On client side, user interacts with html pages and result is send to server side. User has to wait untill response is received from server and displayed to the user by internet browser.

Ajax based approach improved the user browsing experience to a certain extent by communicating with the server asynchronously behind the scenes. Partial page refresh and asynchronous calls to server reduced wait time for user and increased web responsiveness for end user.